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Ms. Catherine McCormack's Filmography


Born: Alton, Hampshire, England

Education: Graduated in 1993 from the prestigious Oxford School of Drama

Currently resides in London, England

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NEWS as of 22 May 2004:

Ms. McCormack continues to collaborate with William Boyd on the script to the short film, Running to Stand Still. This film will serve as her directoral debut.
She has also completed her role as Queen Elizabeth I in the BBC2 mini-series, Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.
I apologize for letting the site go and not updating it as often as I would like to. Please check back from time to time for updates. This is not an official site and I have no affiliation with Ms. McCormack. I am merely a fan of her work. Thanks for your time!



Ms. McCormack has been in several shows at the Royal National Theatre, in London, England.


Spy Game, starring Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, and Catherine McCormack has now been released! (Note: It's now available on VHS/DVD)

Evi Quaid, Producer and Director, has recently completed editing her feature, The Debtors. She did her post production at Saul Zaentz Studios, in Berkeley, CA. Ms. Quaid is now shopping around for distribution. Hopefully, we shall all get a chance to see this film, starring Ms. McCormack alongside the great Michael Caine, and Evi's husband, Randy Quaid.

Ms. McCormack is currently performing theatre in London. She is currently in Lie of The Mind, playing at The Donmar Warehouse. Also, she is replacing Nicole Kidman in the film, The Cut, an erotic thriller co-starring Geoffrey Rush. Ms. Kidman will remain a co-producer on the film. Ms. McCormack is also in discussion to star with Colin Firth in the period drama, The Maid of Buttermere.

She has also taken a step toward directing as she recently completed her first short film.

Please go Here for a few pictures and to read an interview with Catherine.

Ms. McCormack is hard at work as always and her current project includes the film, "The Tailor of Panama", based on the novel by John Le Carre. Co-stars in this film include Pierce Brosnan and the wonderful playwright, Harold Pinter. She has also completed the films, "The Weight of Water" as well as "Shadow of the Vampire". Last November/December, Ms. McCormack debuted in London's West End, playing the lead in Anna Weiss.

On personal details, while it is rumoured she and Mr. Joseph Fiennes are no longer an item, I do not have any information on this and prefer not to. These talented actors are private citizens and deserve to live a quiet, invasion-free life. The BBC Radio 4 play, Villette, aired in April 1999. Ms. McCormack and Joseph Fiennes were voice talents for this play based on Charlotte Bronte's novel. The play is available for purchase through the website, Amazon UK

The price is $8.99, British Pounds. If you need a currency converter, please go to: Oanda

Most of Ms. McCormack's films (including the recent film, The Land Girls) may be purchased through Amazon USA

Ms. McCormack is on the cover of the Feb. 1999 issue of Tatler Magazine!

Yes, yes, it's true that Catherine and Joseph Fiennes (Elizabeth, Shakespeare in Love) are an item. They are very private people and have kept mum about their relationship. So let's just wish them much happiness and hope the media don't get too crazy over it...

Workwise, the two completed a radio play last September for the BBC that is slated for Spring 1999. It's "Vilette", a novel written by Charlotte Bronte.

Ms. McCormack has completed filming "The Debtors", with Randy Quaid and Michael Caine. This feature film is under first-time director, Evi Quaid, also Randy's wife. I don't know what she is doing at the moment, but I hope she's getting some much deserved holiday time. 1998 was some year for her, what with the release of three movies!

In the 4-10 January 1999 issue of Weekly Variety, Sony Classics bought half page ads for the actors in "Dancing At Lughnasa" to promote them as Oscar nominees. Meryl Streep was touted for the Best Actress Award and Catherine McCormack, along with her co-stars, Brid Brennan, Kathy Burke, Sophie Thompson, were touted for the Best Supporting Actress nominees! Michael Gambon was also mentioned for the Best Supporting Actor nomination.

From the 6 December 1998 edition of World Entertainment News Network, Ms. McCormack commented on the lack of serious roles offered her:

She says, "I didn't work for eight months after Braveheart. Every part I was sent seemed to be for tragic women with long hair. So I got my hair cut and sat around because I wanted to do films with strong women in them and have something to say."

Ms. McCormack attended the film premiere/cancer benefit (hosted by InStyle Magazine) of "Dancing at Lughnasa" along with Meryl Streep and other co-stars on Monday, 9 November 1998 at the Sony Lincoln Plaza, NYC. Ms. McCormack was sporting a stylish short haircut and looked great!

In the 8 November, 1998 Sunday Newspaper Insert of Parade Magazine, there is a brief article written by Ms. Jane Ciabattari, about Meryl Streep and her co-stars learning Irish accents for the film, "Dancing At Lughnasa". Here is a small excerpt from that article with quotes by Ms. McCormack:

Streep, with her gift of accents, was the star pupil. "There's a lot of Irish in American rhythms and intonations," said McCormack. "It was tougher for the three of us who are English." (Brid Brennan is Irish) The five studied Irish dancing too. "Our dance was choreographed, but we end up looking like we never danced before," said McCormack. "It was not supposed to be like Riverdance, all pointy toes. It was supposed to be earthy, spontaneous."

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